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Our Services


Follicular Unit Grafting

An innovative hair restoration solution where natural hair follicles are carefully transplanted from donor to recipient areas, providing lasting results.


Lateral Slit Technique

A cutting-edge procedure that involves precise, angled incisions for optimal follicle placement, ensuring natural-looking results.


Dense Packing

Our custom cut blades allow for extremely dense packing of hair, the kind that looks natural and helps you feel younger.


Hairline Designs

Creating a natural undetectable hairline is the most noticeable and important part of a good hair restoration. We counsel with you to make your hairline a work of art.

What Makes Us Arizona's Go-To for hair?

Cutting-edge technology

The best hair restoration requires the best tools, and we've got them.

Attentive Patient Care

Biltmore Hair Restoration staff uphold the highest standards of patient care.

professional & experienced

As a member of the IAHRS, Dr. Alexander has earned a spot in the best of the best.

customer satisfaction

Join the ranks of our satisfied clientele as Biltmore Hair Restoration continues to delight hundreds of customers year after year.

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