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Hair Transplant Cost

Dr. Alexander will determine the exact cost of your surgery at your pre operative consultation and guide you based on the cost outline below depending on the type of surgery you require and number of FU deemed necessary.

Strip / FUT - $4.00/ per graft
FUE - $8.00/ per graft
ARTAS FUE - $8.00/per graft

(ACELL can be utilized within the surgery at an additional cost of $350.00)

Additional types of surgery

Scar Revision - $2000.00 on top of graft price
Eye Brows - $2000.00 per eye
Beard/Mustache - per graft cost( to be assessed at consultation )

We offer financing through Lending Club Patient Solutions.
Their website is https://www.lendingclub.com/patientsolutions/

Call now to book a 1:1 consultation with Dr. Alexander at :+1.(602) 956-8800

All patients who wish to schedule a procedure will pay a non-refundable first payment of $2,000. Balance of procedure is due on or before procedure.
Please call office for payment details.

Obtaining a Loan for your surgery with Dr Alexander

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Dr Scott Alexander is a renowned Hair Transplant surgeon based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr Alexander has helped thousands of patients across Biltmore and from all around the world. He specializes in affordable Hair Transplant & Hair Surgery.
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