Testimonial from a Local Patient

Two hair transplants, first with another local Dr for 2018 grafts. The second with Dr. Alexander for about 1978 grafts. Dr. Alexander threw in an extra 178 grafts! He really is a great guy. I really wish I would have gone with Dr. Alexander for my first hair restoration and not a other local one but that’s now water under the bridge.

This is a post of my second procedure. I chose to go with Dr. Alexander for my second procedure instead of other for a few reasons. First, Dr. couldn’t guarantee me that he would take out the existing scar so most likely if I went back to him, I would have two scars – not acceptable; Dr. Alexander said and did take out the original scar. Second, I needed to have the thin parts of my 1st transplant filled in but Dr. Freidman would only put grafts uniformly across my frontal area so I would again have the same problem after the second hair transplant – thinner area in the middle and right side front. Dr. Alexander said he would fill in gaps and from the look of the transplanted area, Alexander did just that. Third, I didn’t like previous Dr’s after surgery care.

Dr. Alexander and his team pride themselves on making the whole hair transplant journey as pain free and as comfortable as possible. It is a major decision to undertake and naturally there will be some level of anxiety, and worry which is only natural for any medical procedure.

Below you can read many satisfied patients accounts who have documented their experience with Dr Alexander. We encourage you to read these experiences for yourself so you can get an idea of what a hair transplant is actually like and also the way Dr. Alexander and his staff treat each and every patient.

Many patients spend a great deal of time researching hair loss and hair transplantation as only helps make an informed decision on how best proceed and with which Doctor and clinic to go with, as so many out there all claiming to be the ‘best’.

The results of each individual can be accessed by clicking the link which will take you to the original post inside the corresponding forum.

Please feel free to email or call us for any references if you wish to speak directly to any of our patients and we will endeavor to help out you in touch.

Dr. Scott Alexander hair transplant results: