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I am incredibly proud and excited to announce that as of today I am officially Dr. Scott Alexander’s patient advisor. I have admired Dr Alexander’s work for many years and I’m incredibly proud to now be part of his clinic.

My recent visit to his office in Phoenix, AZ was incredibly enjoyable and enlightening and I’m looking forward to working alongside him and his patients daily.

I will be assisting him and all his patients on a daily basis as I do the other surgeons I represent, answering patient questions whilst relaying Dr Alexanders personal opinion in relation to patient consultations and treatment plans. I very much look forward to working with all his patients throughout their hair restoration journey and being there to help support them along the way with any questions and guidance.

Dr. Scott Alexander’s reputation precedes him and he is without out a doubt one of the worlds leading hair transplant surgeons and it is an honor to be asked to be a part of his clinic. Dr Alexander is a hair transplant patient himself is a unique asset he has in my opinion over many surgeons.

Please feel free to contact me directly on support@spexhair.com with any questions and visit my website www.spexhair.com

For anyone who is yet to be made aware of Dr Scott Alexander and his abilities as you may be very new to the forum please see below only a small number of Dr Alexander’s patient testimonials and results to show the caliber of surgeon he is.

I have worked for sometime in this space essentially educating and mentoring hair loss patients. I started out a young repair patient courtesy of a chain clinic over 14 years ago with 4 FUT sessions. I’ve since had 13 HT’s and I’ve gained my stripes so to speak via the forum world and the media whilst building the reputation as “Spex” as the go to guy up over the years which i think you are familiar with a little. I pride myself on helping and educating others obtain accurate information as a result of my own learnings and experience personally along my own extensive journey and after meeting and interacting with countless HT patients from all over the world.

Whilst setting out to make sure people didn’t make the same mistakes I did I became well known amongst the forum world 15 years ago for breaking down some barriers. I also helped break down some stigmas about Ht’s by ‘coming out’ publicly in the UK media: Read Article

I feature regularly in the U.K. media and I’m endorsed by some well known brands such as Apetogentleman, Fudge, Nanogen and Vitabiotics which helps me generate huge awareness and in turn helps me educate and empower many new and old sufferers looking for help. I also write blogs for the Huffington Post , The Telegraph, Apetogentleman and Vitabiotics.



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