Great Hairline Designs

Great Hairline Designs

Creating a natural undetectable hairline is the most noticeable and important part of a good hair restoration. It’s either a dead giveaway to bad hair transplant or a work of art that sells the restoration as a beautiful, natural head of hair.

To accomplish this you need to follow some specific principles along with a keen eye and natural artistic ability.

Plastic reconstructive surgeons agree that hair transplant surgery requires more artistic skill than any other kind of surgery. Since no two faces are alike, neither should be your hairline. Since artistic skills are God given and not learned, the choice of your hair transplant doctor becomes very important.

In creating your hairline, I first want to establish the hairline itself. It is very important that it doesn’t appear as a straight line.

Zone 1 is approximately 0.5 – 1 cm. This is filled in with one-hair follicular units only. This will give it a very soft look. It is important that high-density placement begins in the front along with sound principles so you will not be able to see through your transplant. This is accomplished by placing all two hair follicular units in zone 2 and in the central area or frontal tuft; we then place all the large grafts that we have. First the 3 and 4 follicular units, and then filling the rest of the area in with 2 hair grafts.

Since the density of a good hair transplant is only about 50% of your normal density, you must create the illusion of normal density. Through these principles, and especially with the lateral slit technique, the light is blocked extremely well making the hairline and density of the transplant to appear soft and natural giving you the kind of result that you would expect.