Lateral Slit Technique

Lateral Slit Technique

We believe that next to the follicular unit graft, the lateral slit technique is the next most important idea or technique that has revolutionized hair transplants today. Most doctors still insist on making these slits vertically (in the direction the hair grows). This causes two huge problems!

1. By performing your slits vertically, they take on the look of corn rows thus making the hair appear thinner and unnatural.

2. The most important part of graft placement is to have the angulations of the grafts at the same angle as your real hair. This is done by placing the slits at the proper angle and the graft will follow. Except in vertical slits, the graft can angle anywhere from 90 degrees to 10 degrees or lying down on the head. This is because the grafts can move slightly in the direction of the slit causing your hair to look very unnatural and without any pattern.

If you look closely at a natural growing hair pattern, the follicular units appear to line up in a horizontal line or perpendicular to the direction the hair grows. Because the follicles lie side by side instead of behind one another they do not take the corn row look, instead the hair looks much thicker because you get the support of the hair behind it. This random arrangement of hair stops the light from shinning through the scalp because it’s being blocked by the hair behind it. This is why it looks thicker and denser.

The angle of the graft is a very important part of the transplant to appear normal. Because the slits are horizontal or lateral, the graft can only grow in the exact angle that the blade was placed into the scalp. This means that every graft is angled precisely at the exact and proper orientation to the head. The only movement the graft can make is from side to side which only causes more variability or irregularity to the hairs, which cause more blocking of light thus appearing to be even denser. When closely examined, the new transplanted hair will grow in the same orientation as found in nature.

Biltmore Surgical Hair Restoration is the only place in the valley where you can receive the Lateral Slit Technique.